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95 simple things I tend to forget

Sparkjava or tomcat slow to start on cloud VM

Rename a S3 bucket

Install imapsync under WSL

Get CPU information via terminal on Linux

Enable git debugging on linux and windows

Up arrow to autocomplete from history in bash

fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly pushing to github

git and hg clone with full windows path and ssh login

Run parallel ssh command with hosts file

Run duplicati as user

KDE mouse acceleration too fast

You need to install XCode 5.0.0

Enable ssh server in WSL (i.e. window's bash)

Edit grub video resolution

Fix Teamviewer doesn't launch on arch

Change visudo editor from nano to vim

Jetbrains toolbox opens to blank window

Open in Guake python script for Nautilus

Change gnome desktop background color via terminal

Change gnome 3 desktop icon size

Disable animation in gnome 3

The QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME environment variable is not set correctly

Disable KDE5 baloo file indexer and delete search data

How to set the default java on arch

Regenerate openssh server keys on ubuntu

ReInstall Youtrack service on widows

error: 'somepackage': duplicate target installed using packer

Sync imap accounts with imapsync

Change remote git origin

Intellij disable change.laf.on.editor.theme.change

Show hidden files in gtk 2 file dialog

Convert mercurial repository to git

Clone all public user repositories with bash

GitKraken gtk file dialog missing fonts on arch

Configure i3 to navigate like vim

Enable 3D acceleration in VMWare workstation on intel graphics

Can't change desktop layout in kde

Run HTML tidy recursively on linux

Use curl and grep to search website content

Generate cloudfront ssl certificates

Install aws cli on arch linux

Invalidate all files on cloudfront with aws cli

Sync local files to S3 with aws cli

Kill an app running on a specific port under linux

Setup bitbucket hg project with new key

Resize gnome 3 titlebars

Create a remote only samba user

Restart the plasmashell in KDE 5

Copy remote mysql database to local

Install vagrant vmware license file

Export and import pacman packages on arch

Use xbindkeys to change KDE desktop

jdk location on arch

Intellij idea tool windows are missing upon launch

Text tool to get system info

Disable laptop touchscreen on Arch linux

Install PIA on Arch

Simple du with reverse sort

Change grub resolution on arch

Store dotfiles in git repository

Could not open /dev/vmmon

Fix vmware workstation 12 launch problem

Simple rsync command

Increase inotify file watch limit

Close all connections for a postgres db

Temporarily remove kde drop shadow

Recusively rename files and folders via bash

Basic HTTP benchmarking and stress testing

Restart pm2 and sails

Change java version on ubuntu

Check if hugepage is enabled

Basic apache modules for a reverse proxy

Cannot lock /etc/password when adding a user

Rebuild kde5 application menu

Basic TCP/IP sysctl hardening

Basic iptables firewall on ubuntu server

Qt get screen size and set window location

Force a single direction unison sync

How to create init.d scripts

My .conkyrc

Remove nautilus bookmarks from sidebar

Generate a random number via the shell

Simple sql-server creation script

Create simple postgres user and database

Reduce movies sizes on linux

Konqueror abd cervisia: this is not a cvs folder

Arch random cowsay

Convert file names to lowercase

Delete a blank line via regex

Use rsync to backup home folder

SQL Server run sql filefrom command line

Unison sample config

Basic curl rest testing

Pigs for parallel compression

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